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This coming Thursday we'll be having a public coffee house conversation around the topic of "Resurrection." This is "part two" of a conversation that started at our first coffee house on April 28th.  You certainly didn't have to be there to get in on the coffee, goodies and discussions this time!  Paul Thiessen and I are hosting these two conversations and we hope to build on these two events with other "coffee house conversations" in the future.  

Our first conversation focused on several different themes connected to the idea of Resurrection, all of which were brought forward by persons attending.  As the conversation unfolded powered by Paul's insights and questions and reflections from those attending a background question kept thrumming in the background, "how can resurrection be relevant for life today when it's an event that happened to Jesus two thousand years ago and is supposed to happen again sometime at the end of history?"  Indeed, it turns out, this is the question of the Christian life because it would seem that the Church has determined that Resurrection is indeed the foundation for Christian living!  Yes it celebrates a past event; yes it points forward to the future but clearly, Christians have believed that there's supposed to be more to it than that, however we imagine those two realities!  Grappling with it is like dancing at the edge of a vast mystery; it's the perfect conversation piece! So come join us this coming Thursday as we continue to explore God's amazing possibilities for life in the Now!