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John 1:6-8, 19-28
City Lights and Divine Witness

SERMON – December 17, 2023

Third Sunday of Advent (Joy)

“City Lights and Divine Witness”

What a journey it has been for us so far. 

For those who might be joining us for the first time today, we have been visualizing a BC Road Trip to the Manager of Bethlehem, since the start of the Advent Season. The journey has been a beautiful one – one of Hope and Peace and today one of Joy.  Along the way we made two stops and today is one of great rejoicing and gladness.  We will make our third stop at a place in the fast-paced Vancouver City – at the “Urban Spotlight”.

We made our way here, some even by the Sky Train and Water Taxis.  By whatever mode of transportation, we are on our way to the Manger of Bethlehem!

What a joy it is when we can time-travel with the child and the teenager in us.  I once said to a British Army lieutenant who was a friend of mine, a very brilliant man, ‘I believe that you’ve lost all your marbles.’ You see, the play in him was gone.  While on the other hand, I have had highly intellectual and accomplished friends with different dispositions despite their achievements – playing quite casually their piano or guitar, soccer, and having a good play time.  Today is almost a pause for play, to rejoice!  It is Rejoice Sunday – Gaudete! [See Sermon notesfor entire text.]