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Matthew 19:14
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There are many, many heart-warming images that we could sit here and discuss this morning. One of the most heart warming, heart melting images or photographs that imprints our memory every time we behold it, is the greeting of two babies who are just learning to walk. It is even more captivating when they try to hug and plant a kiss. Their greeting is self-less, self-giving, unconditional, filled with charm, purity, and goodness. It is electrifying—sending shivers all over. It is sweet and caring. It is lovely and it really takes our breath away. Babies are so divine!  This sight leaves us so animated! 

Is it any wonder then that Jesus would say “suffer little children, and bid them to come to me:  for of such is the kingdom of heaven”[1]

And talking about the kingdom of heaven, we are all children in this kingdom of heaven, God’s kingdom. We too are expected to greet and care for one another in ways like these two babies—selfless, self-giving, and pure in thoughts and ways. We as adults in the kingdom are expected to lead out and demonstrate these good traits. The scriptures[2] for Trinity Sunday, reveal the all-encompassing love of God. They pull us right into this arena of love and oneness in Christ, which these two babies demonstrate before our very eyes. They got it! Post it on Instagram and Tik Tok! Drop the mike! They got it!

And so, I invite us to reflect on this theme this morning - "Christian Fellowship: From the 'Holy Kiss' to Contemporary Expressions of Love in Christ." [See the Sermon Notes attachment for the entire text.]
[1] Matthew 19:14 [2]