John 9:1-41 and Psalm 23

Our Second attempt at "virtual church," with some twists!  Thanks to Rev. Jennifer Burgoyne (Deacon at St. Thomas) and her son Steven (computer wizard) for helping me put this together.  The service structure is based on the Home Prayers found in the Book of Alternative Services found on p. 687 or at  

John's Gospel presents us with so many brilliant images, so many mystical insights and challenges and it often does so through paradoxical stories and events.  This week's lengthy reading from John 9 is no exception.  In my devotional I try to link the paradoxical nature of the blind man's/pharisees' encounter with Jesus to some of the paradoxical behaviour called for during the Covid pandemic.

I've included the written form of my address and the service as two separate documents for those who need them.