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Raising Funds for our Neighbours in Yellowknife

In the wake of the heartbreaking wildfire that swept through Yellowknife, the compassionate congregation of St. Matthew, Abbotsford extended their heartfelt support and prayers to the affected community. However, our response didn’t stop at prayer alone. In a spirit of kindness, our priest encouraged all of us to put whatever spare change we could find in our pockets and pocketbooks on the collection plate throughout the month of September. Our collective goal was to raise funds to assist the evacuees of Yellowknife, and all proceeds would be channeled through the PWRDF Canadian Disaster Fund to aid the victims of this devastating fire.

Being a small-sized congregation, we set the goal of $500, about $125 each week. What followed was nothing short of inspiring; the overflow of generosity of our parishioners allowed us to exceed our goal, and together, we raised a remarkable $826.20.

In this moment, we are reminded that the true abundance of any congregation lies not in its size but the depth of compassion and willingness to make a difference. We thank each and every one of you for your open hearts and unwavering support as we continue to live out our mission of “Helping each other explore God’s Beauty, Truth, and Goodness.”

Submitted by Patricia Martin.