Dear Friends,

It was good to see President Joe Biden this morning.  His inaugural speech reminded me of a gentle Catholic homily which is fitting since he is a Roman Catholic.  It was quite strange to see a priest lead the invocation followed by Lady Gaga singing the national anthem; only in the US!
Let's pray that he's able to work together with other world leaders to bring about coherent policies on all the major world issues that face us.  For the sake of our children and their children, not to speak of the stewardship of this planet!
Annual meeting: On Sunday Feb 28th at 12:30 pm we'll be having our Annual Meeting via Zoom.  Please prayerfully consider the reports that come out and if you're feeling a pull to serve on the Parish Council.  Though we are in the midst of a difficult time as a world we have possibilities for growth and ministry before us.
Please check our website for spiritual formation opportunities!
God's blessing to all of you!