Hi Friends,

Tomorrow I will give thanks for those who have served our country in ways that have enabled it to become a more just society.  I think of my indigenous neighbours, some of whom served in our armed forces even when they themselves had suffered from racism and then, even after serving admirably, were not given a ready welcome at their local legion.  That is commitment!  
Tomorrow I will give thanks for the many young men who sacrificed their future for those of us alive today.  Of course, many of them didn't know that's what they were going to do when they signed up; many went overseas with a naive optimism that "everything would be okay," but that doesn't diminish their sacrifice once it was made.
I am challenged by them to give of myself for the sake of others and I am reminded that Christ did understand the sacrifice he was about to make and did so willingly and with love for all of us in his heart.
Last week Lora Elkin connected with me and reminded me that it might be good to remind all of you of the need to make your flu shot appointment.  Here is your reminder! You can register online and then bring in your email identifier or simply call your pharmacy for an appointment.
This week in our parishes we continue to pray for the recovery of St. Thomas' parishioner and Treasurer, Ted Tisdale.  Please keep Ted, Irene and the family in your prayers.
We also keep Rev. Jennifer, the Deacon at St. Thomas, in our thoughts and prayers as she takes a couple of weeks off to recharge after a difficult fall.
Speaking of holidays, I will be away from the parish Dec 6-18.  At this point Dick Martin (Dec 6) and Virginia Hooper (Dec 13) are lined up to take the morning prayer services that will be offered.  Rev. Jennifer will take the services on Dec 6th and 13th at St. Thomas. I will be back for our services on Advent IV.  At present we are planning on having one Christmas Eve service at 7:00 pm. There will not be a Christmas morning service.  
The regional health order put in place for Nov 8th has caused some confusion.  I am still taking in-person appointments and we are still having in-person Eucharist services (and offering live streaming as well).  Dr. Henry was quite complimentary about how churches are by-and-large following the guidelines and so are not considered "social gatherings" (the gatherings in question) at this time.  Good job people!
As we go through another difficult patch with Covid and as people feel a bit more isolated with the colder weather please connect with one another as you are able, be that on the phone or however you connect with people safely.  Let's keep praying for one another as well.  
As always I value conversations and insights, questions, and befuddlements.  
Love in Christ,