*UPDATE* May 19:

Right after the service is finished we encourage you to come to St. Matthew for a drive-by Eucharist.  Allen will be set up under the awning by the administration/hall doors and give you enough communion wafers for everyone in the car.  You can choose to get out of the car and receive or stay in.  Once you've received you can drive to a parking stall and wait for some friends for informal visiting (socially distanced of course!) or you're free to get that Pentecost treat wherever fine fast food is sold!  I hope to see you all!  
You'll note that this format is a change from what was previously announced; after consultations, we felt this method, which is being used by a variety of churches, is safer and a good intermediate step as we await the re-opening!  The big news however is that this gives us a way to join together as a community in the reception of our great Sacrament.
Dear Friends,
Many of us have been missing the central worship expression of our faith: Holy Eucharist, something so central, so deep, and important to us that it is impossible to summarize in a library of books let alone an email.  Certainly, it has not been satisfying to watch it "performed" by a priest while we sit at home!  
Pentecost Sunday, May 23rd, will be an opportunity for you to receive the Eucharist in person!  The service will still be live streamed as per usual but at 11:45 we will offer Eucharist in-person to 10 people at a time in the sanctuary, all Covid protocols being observed.  If you would like to receive, you can watch the service (shortened to make this possible), then come to the church, arriving at 11:45.  We will let the first 10 people in, service communion, give them 2-4 minutes of silence in the pew and then after those 10 leave the building invite the next 10 in until all who would like to receive have done so!
I am excited to offer this opportunity.  What a great way to celebrate Pentecost and what a great way to observe and celebrate our community and our faith!
I hope to see you all on May 23rd, Pentecost Sunday!  This week (May 16th), we celebrate the 7th Sunday of Easter with our live-streamed Service of the Word, I look forward to that as well as we gather around the Word of God.
In Easter Hope,