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Last night St. Matthew hosted a group of Peace Lutheran and Saint Matthew parishioners as they engaged in a facilitated discussion of "Genesis and Science".  The coffee was decaf and the cookies were good as we settled down to introducing ourselves.  

Pariticipants came up with questions to be discussed around tonight's topic then shared reading two alternative accounts of the creation story from Genesis.  Who wrote these stories? When, why and how were these accounts different from then prevailing creation stories in other Near Eastern cultures? Also discussed was literal-truth fundamentalism and science in a purposeless, indifferent universe as both conceptual children of the Enlightenment.  The concept that truths can be non-competing and complementary, attempts by mankind to understand something beyond their capacity was introduced; the peaceful coexistence of Genesis creation accounts, the Big Bang and evolution as a balance of faith and reason.  Thanks was expressed to all four of the participants who helped organize and facilitate the evening.

The evening concluded by asking for questions for the next coffee house, to be held October 26 at Saint Matthew.  Possible topics suggested were as broad as "Politics and Religion" to intensely practical "What to do in today's world when approached for money by a beggar?"