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As a retired Chaplain I am attuned to what the Armed Forces are doing. This past week two items caught my eye in the news. First, the Canadian government sent Pastoral Caregivers to Poland to help Ukraine Refugees. It is the first time I have ever heard of the authorities in Ottawa use the term of pastoral caregivers in aid of humanitarian relief. These caregivers are in fact members of the CF Chaplaincy Services, ordained clergy from different denominations and faith groups. On foreign missions, and on their own often, Padres have always rendered aid to those in need. To do so as a group is truly a gift to those who are supported. Thanks would be said as, Bravo Zulu"

The second item was the tragic news of the RMC Cadets who died. When I heard this news I was right away in touch with how often I had to be involved in next of kin notifications when I was in uniform. The news anchorperson said how awful it must be for NOK to get a telephone call about their loved one's death. Well, that is not the way it is done.  Chaplains will have been on the job right away and would have arranged to personally, or to delegate to a clergy person in the hometown, to carry the news in person to the parents. An officer from the unit would also be assigned to each family to assist in the needs that arise. The Padres at RMC would provide pastoral care to the 1200 student cadets and all the staff at RMC that day and for days to come. So, I identified with, felt for, and prayed for our Canadian Forces Chaplains.  Please do so also.

Rev. Art Turnbull

At this posting, Rev. Art's life has been impacted by a large apartment fire that occurred in Abbotsford on May 3 (hundreds of people were affected). Presently Rev. Art is staying with family and is he is fine (for which we are very grateful!), but presumably, he has lost his earthly possessions. Please keep Art in your prayers.  

Photo: H Captain Callum Thompson, a Canadian chaplain, conducting a funeral service in the Normandy bridgehead, France, 16 July 1944 [ Library and Archives Canada under the reproduction reference number PA-190111 and under the MIKAN ID number 3520665]