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Dear Friends,  

It is with joy that I remind you that Bishop John Stephens will be our guest this weekend. Bishop John and the Parish Council invite you to our Advent 2 Holy Eucharist service at 11 a.m. on Sunday, followed by a light lunch with him and the parish. This will be a time to visit with him and ask him questions. Please come if you can; it's a parish-building event!  

In other news, Parish Council had a good meeting last night discussing various aspects of parish life including our renovation plans. It is wonderful to experience "the hive mind" at work as we dream about how we are going to reach those who would like to journey with us if they but knew who and where we are. We have just signed a new contract with Hope City Church which will significantly impact our ability to move forward with this project in a positive way.

Postmeridian Productions (Paul and Melissa Stabell) were also a part of the meeting and presented a proposal that will help us match our online presence with the welcome that people feel when they come to our space.

Check out Instagram and search for abbyanglican to see some of the latest content we've posted. The diocese is excited about what we are doing and is helping fund this work


Dec 4 - The Bishop's visit

Dec 10 - 10 am - 12 pm St. Nicholas Fayre in the newly cleared out space in the worship area.

Advent Blessings,