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Dear Friends,  

And a blessed All Souls Day to you!  Today we remember all who have gone before us and who have influenced us towards or on our journey of faith with Christ. Perhaps you'll raise a toast to them at supper or say a prayer of thanks for them. I'm lighting a candle at the church tonight in remembrance and gratefulness for my mom who prayed for me so diligently over the years (and perhaps in the mystery of the communion of the saints still does!).   

Nov 5th -- Linda Burton will be inducted into the Order of New Westminster at Massey Theatre in New Westminster. If you're interested in coming the ceremony will be at 10:30. 

Moving some pews - Part II

Getting Ready For Our Bishop's Visit -- Bishop John visits our parish on Sunday, Dec 4th, the second Sunday of Advent. He's been very interested in our proposed renovation so we'd like to take the opportunity of his visit to make a small step in beginning the process. This step will serve a very practical purpose going forward.  

At our Council meeting on Oct 25 we made a plan to: 1) clear the basement of some of the clutter that has accumulated there over the years. We will do this on Saturday, Nov 12th between 10 a.m. -- 2 p.m. If you have a pickup truck or know of someone who would be able to borrow the church a cube van that would be most helpful. Please mark this day on your calendar and consider giving a few hours of time to this. 2) The opening of space will allow us to move the pews at the side of the nave (the musical instrument side) either downstairs or completely out of the building. Local woodworking programs at high schools would take the wood and make furniture out of it. 3) With the pews on that side out, we will be able to set up tables and chairs for fellowship space for the Bishop's visit and for subsequent events.   

With gratefulness for all who passed on the faith and helped shape our lives toward beauty, truth, and goodness,