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Every Advent St Matthew’s Parish sets up an outreach project. This year of 2022 (from 27 November to 24 December) the parish will ask for a special donation. 

This is a local community project this time. Some of the more needy people in Abbotsford will benefit. Health and Wellness is the challenge.

Can we raise $1000 for the care of others?

The Archway Food Bank provides a DENTAL CLINIC. This free service gives dental help. The dental clinic is overbooked with patients who are desperate. Local dentists take on some of their needs, some dental staff volunteer at the Archway. We will give 50% of the Advent fund here.     

The Salvation Army Centre of Hope provides a MEDICAL CLINIC. This is also a free service staffed by Nurse Angela. Each day sees many patients getting needed attention. From first aid bandages to treatment with prescribed drugs, the clinic meets the need. We will give 50% of the Advent fund here.  

Kindly make cheque(s) out to: “The Parish of St Matthew” 

Envelope/bottom line notation: “for Advent Outreach” 

Rev. Art Turbull