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On a rainy Saturday morning at the Vincent Massey Theatre in New Westminster, approximately a 1000 people gathered to install the newest members of the Order of New Westminster, an award given to deserving lay members who have served their parishes through thick and thin and who have by their loyal and dedicated service enabled parishes to serve the wider community.  St. Matthew was proud to nominate Margaret Strocel and the bishop agreed that she was worthy of the Order!  Margaret has served tirelessly in several parishes over many decades.  Recently she has been instrumental in starting a very vibrant chapter of the ACW (Anglican Church Women) at St. Matthew.  This group have proved to be the social engine of the parish during periods of struggle as the parish attempts to re-establish ACoC worship in Abbotsford.  Margaret has been a steady presence of encourgagement, good cheer and great ideas as the ACW has taken on outreach projects both far and near as well as organizing projects that move St. Matthew closer to raising the bell tower.  Congratulations Margaret!