Wearing Two Hats!

On August 1st, I begin my new role as half-time Interim Priest-in-Charge at St. Thomas in Chilliwack.  I will remain as Priest-in-Charge (Vicar) of St. Matthew, Abbotsford.  This change is, I believe, what is best for both parishes.  My prayer is that St. Matthew will be enabled by this move to stand more on its... Read More


What's Fr. Allen Doing at Mount Angel Abbey and Seminary?

I'm presently on a study week at the benedictine Abbey and Seminary called Mount Angel, located in Mount Angel, Oregon, approximately an hour east of Portland and about 6 hrs from St. Matthew.  I have several reasons for being here: 1) Anglican priests are mandated to use three weeks for ongoing study per year.... Read More


A Prayer Resource

Pray as You Go is a helpful personal prayer resource put together by the Jesuits in Britain and further afield.  Here is the prayer reflection for the Feast of St. Matthew I found it moving and challenging; I hope you do to! Read More

Saint augustine portrait

Preaching St. Augustine's Life: A Poem for Baby Boomers

Getting ready to preach the life of St. Augustine this coming Sunday and I'm flummoxed:        How to convey the power and the glory?       How do I convey an experience that shapes the arc of a life? Reading his prose as young man I fell madly in love with the idea of Love;        Gobsmacked with passion, I... Read More


Allen's Thoughts on the Marriage Canon Vote

Yesterday evening I watched with amazement as our General Synod debated a proposal to that would have allowed our Church to change the definition of marriage from "between a man and a woman" to "between two people."  I was amazed because generally the debate was civil and informed.  But I was greatly amazed when... Read More

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Bishop Melissa's statement

Follow this link Read More

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Melanie Delva's General Synod blog update

Link to Melanie's latest post   Read More

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Follow General Synod with their live blog

Here is Melanie Delva's link: General Synod live feed Read More

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Link to our Diocesan Archivist's General Synod blog

Melanie Delva, one of our Diocese's representatives to General Synod is blogging about it on the Diocesan website: Here is a link to one of her blog posts Read More


Coffee House Conversations

This coming Thursday we'll be having a public coffee house conversation around the topic of "Resurrection." This is "part two" of a conversation that started at our first coffee house on April 28th.  You certainly didn't have to be there to get in on the coffee, goodies and discussions this time!  Paul Thiessen... Read More

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