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Judgement, Controversy, Spiritual Sight

Lent is a time for reflection, repentance, and renewal. 

It is a season where we reflect on our mortality, our imperfections, and our need for redemption. It is a time to draw closer to God and to one another, to seek forgiveness, and to make amends.

As we continue in this penitential season, we do so as the church universal, embracing this time with an open heart and enquiring mind, united in our commitment to growth and renewal.  Being open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and with the willingness to make the necessary changes in our lives to draw closer to God, we are guaranteed heavenly reward.[1]  One of the changes that one is required to make is to stop seeing things only in the natural, but also in the spiritual, as is so carefully presented here by John in today’s Gospel. [1] Matthew 5:12; Luke 6:23 

Please see the Sermon Notes for the entire text and references.