John 20:19-31
Peace Be With You - Pt. 1

In a world that increasingly feels like one ongoing "squirrel" moment (let the canine lovers among us interpret!) is there something/Someone who might "integrate us," who might rightly order our desires so that our vast capacities for good are not merely dissipated in fear, worry and false starts?  In this sermon and the next Fr. Allen points to Jesus' famous post-resurrection "Peace be with you!" as just that foundation and essence of the Good News that, if explored, might be just prove to be a solid foundation from we might integrate all the parts of our lives.  In this sermon Fr. Allen seeks to demonstrate how even the particulars of Christian liturgy and the breadth of God's Mission in the world come together in this amazing story of Jesus' Resurrection appearance in that locked room; a reality that the Church has believed is enacted Sunday by Sunday as we continue to gather in expectation that Jesus is among us.