Pastoral Care

“...I will rescue them from all places where they have been scattered…”


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Pastoral care includes a variety of ministry activities. It involves the priest and congregants being with people in the church office, their homes, hospitals, nursing homes, recovery houses and prison; wherever is suitable and wherever spiritual needs are found. Pastoral care is a diverse activity set that involves helping people in crisis as well as non-urgent but crucially important strengthening activities like Spiritual Direction. It is ministry that is potentially open to all even if the priest participates in most of the areas listed below.

This Area of Ministry Includes:

● Visiting and praying for the sick in home and hospital.

● Serving communion in hospital or home to the sick or shut-ins.

● Spiritual direction.

● End of life and funeral planning.

● The Rite of Reconciliation (See BAS p. 147).

● Marital and vocational counselling.

● Offering references and support for parishioners struggling to find employment.

● Companionship for the lonely.

● An Office Assistant who can help parishioners connect to help.

● Develop processes to include the congregation in pastoral care, for training and on-going support, for coordination of response ensuring member needs are identified.

“St. Matthew members brought meals, cards and bulletins; the help offered was timely and thoughtful.” Another member says, “I’d never ‘gone to confession’, when I did I found it refreshing and liberating!”

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