Freely giving of time, talent and treasure.

For year-round stewardship resources, the Diocese of New Westminster website has a veritable library of useful webpages and files. The video series by the Rev. Douglas Hambidge, courtesy of the Diocese of Fredericton, comes with downloadable pdf study sheets.

Link to Diocesan Autumn 2016 Stewardship Campaign 

Link to the April 2016 Diocesan Stewardship: Inspire! Ask! Thank! conference materials

Link to Parish Resources for Stewardship

Link to YouTube video series by the Rev. Douglas Hambidge

In order to be self-sufficient, our contribution amount per person per week at different Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) is shown below.

  • ASA 140 allows $30/person/week
  • ASA 105 allows $40/person/week
  • ASA 84 allows $50/person/week